We practice Closed Communion

We practice “Closed Communion” which reflects the Scriptural admonition of St. Paul in I Corinthians 11. If you wish to receive the Blessed Sacrament of our Savior, please speak to the Pastor before the Service Begins.

We grant that after the words of institution are spoken by the pastor that the bread is no longer common bread but the Holy Supper of the Body and Blood of Christ, which consists of two things — The earthly, that is, the bread and wine, and the heavenly, that is, the body and blood of Christ. This is certainly a great, miraculous, and truly divine change, since before it was simply only ordinary bread and common wine. What now, after the words of institution are spoken, is truly and substantially present, offered, and received is is truly and substantially the Body and Blood of Christ. Therefore we grant that a certain change takes place, so that it can truly be said of the bread that it is the Body of Christ and that the wine is the Blood of Christ.

Therefore, as Lutherans, we subscribe to the Scriptural docterine of the Real Presence which means:

  1. The communicant receives the very body, born of Mary, and the very blood which ran from the wounds of Christ.
  2. The communicant receives the Lord’s Body and Blood not only by faith but also with his mouth.
  3. The unbeliever who happens to commune also receives Christ’s Body and Blood, but to his harm and condemnation.